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The next trends in Social Media?

I feel Goolge+ has brought some dynamics in the social media business these days and recent skype integration from facebook shows that there is a strong competiton even the 713 million users from Facebook are still a big benchmark.
So I´m wondering how far innovation will go within the area of Social Media anyway so spent some time to watch out potential trends to come.

The main finding is that there´s an increasing main trend and focus on Social Media Tools and Apps.

That`s why Google and Mozilla recently agreed to link up their applications. So Mozilla Lab published Openwebaps 0.3 recently with „Web Activity“ support as hottest feature. These are based on an  Idea of  Google`s employee Paul Kinlan, who call this  Web Intents. Source: GOLEM (GER)>

another intersting trend I feel will be:

Combining your real life with Social rewards: „Fresh out of Brazil is a new Facebook App that turns your relationship status into a game. The app has been developed by the toothpaste brand ‘Close Up Toothpaste’ and is part of a series of campaigns to encourage people to get up close in new ways. To celebrate people getting up close and personal on Facebook, the company developed the ‘Get Closer’ app, which reveals surprise badges to people that take part and are in relationships. Badges are rewarded based on tasks such as tagging each other in photos, or different badges being awarded based on how long you’ve been in a relationship for. “ Source: and tks Amir for posting this today.

What do you think will be next and groundbreaking?


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