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Gadget of the day -Portable Digital, FM and Internet Radio with Colour Touchscreen.

Sensia – Portable Digital, FM and Internet Radio with Colour Touchscreen..

Sensia is a revolutionary internet-connected digital audio system with Flow technology and a large colour touchscreen, giving you a unique way to enjoy internet radio content and podcasts, digital and FM radio stations, your own music collection via Wi-Fi, online apps and unique broadcast material.

Using the touchscreen you can view and interact like never before: scrolling and spinning lists, tapping to select, sliding controls and swiping to change views. Sensia also features an input for your iPod/MP3 player. There’s also an alarm, countdown and sleep timers, and a headphone socket.

Big benefit also the included Apps for Facebook, Twitter, weather reports and more

For extra information on Sensia including a 3D demo, screenshots, video review and more visit our dedicated Sensia microsite

  • I want to start my first blog, what blog platform do you use and recommend for me ?

  • thank you for your request! I´m using WordPress and can recommend this perfect system. It´s extremely convenient and easy to use and as it`s open source you can find lot`s of interesting Themes, add-ons etc. to customize it well for you. So good luck with it and let me know how you get on with it.

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