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Ad`s that watch you – real trend for the future or just a gimmick?

In Tokyo, facial recognition technology in billboards read your face and run tailored ads.

Is this something you feel scary about or is this really a new trend?

I´m just wondering how this will work for mass advertising. How can the provided  Ad be  relevant if  just 1-3 people will be picked out (which might be the wrong ones) ?

There are great examples of customised, targeted advertising out there  e. g. at main airports – for business people during rush hours changed to private audience at weekends (holiday travel) or so.

Anyway the future of advertising will be more interactive, targeted and personalised. Also PoS will play a more important Role as this will remain the place where consumers make their buying decision. We´re still working on it at DisplayPlan>

Watch out and let me know your experience with this kind of advertising or what you think about it!

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