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Times of traditional marketing are over

For those who haven´t realised yet- current marketing is fast moving, interactive  and more viral than in the past. Even more interesting that most companies haven`t changed their marketing methods or strategies yet. But this is crucial as one of the biggest challenges these days are the faster moving consumers share their opinions directly and fast  (e. g. social media) , change their shopping behaviour rapidly  (e. g. increasingly only sales) etc.

So here´s my advise to you – start changing the traditional way of marketing and sales!

Set your marketing (tools) to be able to react quickly (every day or even better real time!). This is the only chance for brands to remain within the relevant set of their clients mindset.

Link up your marketing and sales departements (sounds obvious but it`s just set within less than 20% of companies). So very often sales people are out and won´t represent the company right as they aren´t aware of latest marketing initiatives, or even new product development). See further details about 5 key errors in marketing (in German)>

Honestly this sounds easier than it is but I´m sure you will see good results once you will start doing it.

What do you think? Have you made experience with this kind of „change“? Look forward hearing from you!

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