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The next trends in Social Media?

I feel Goolge+ has brought some dynamics in the social media business these days and recent skype integration from facebook shows that there is a strong competiton even the 713 million users from Facebook are still a big benchmark. So I´m wondering how far innovation will go within the area of Social Media anyway so […]

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Wie wertvoll sind die neuen Internet-Stars, Facebook & Co wirklich?

kaum ein Thema beschäftigt die Experten dieser Tage so sehr wie die Bewertung und die Zukunft der Internet-Stars um Facebook, Twitter, Groupon etc. Das verwundert nicht, denn das Wachstum und Wert dieser Unternehmen ist atemberaubend. So ist laut „sharepost“ z. B. Facebook mittlerweile so viel Wert wie die Allianz und Groupon schon fast doppelt so […]

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The best Viral- and Guerilla Marketing campaigns ever

This one is one of the best campaigns ever if you consider the viral spread. Took place at 27th of Oct 2010, live on You Tube at 29th and since then nearly 7 mio people watched it. Another good one with nearly 7 mio poeple having watched. – CADBURY Impulse Marketing or what could happen […]

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